Integrant is a private consultancy. We offer help and guidance in integration matter. We help the newly arrived citizen by way of a purposeful introduction to the Danish society which the citizen is on his or her way to participate in.

The level of public service in Denmark is high. The advantage of using Integrant is that we provide a service which contains the full overview of the area: You can get help required to get around all aspects of integration into Danish society. This is possible because Integrant’s starting point is the individual citizen’s needs, abilities and possibilities for understanding Danish culture and the Danish social model.

Our service contains an introduction to the basic everyday challenges faced by the citizen, for example practical difficulties like how one is expected act in public space in Denmark, where to turn to for medical help, and how to apply for a job or housing. Other challenges could be use of public transportation, getting a driver’s license validated for Denmark, buying groceries and all kinds of small, but vital aspects of life that help make the pieces of the integration puzzle fall into places.

Both citizen and society will benefit enormously from help in solving the basic challenges of everyday life for the citizen.

Mentoring and job coaching

Integrant offers guidance on mentoring (”Mentorordningen”) which is offered by most municipalities to citizens with few resources. Additionally, we offer job coaching, specializing in facilitating contact between citizens and companies, for instance by matching a company with a citizen. Our approach is directed towards both job coaching for vulnerable citizens and citizens who are newcomers in Denmark. Our goal is that the personal and professional resource of the citizen will be brought out, benefiting both citizen and company.

Mentoring and job coaching for vulnerable citizens

Integrant provides job coaching for vulnerable citizens. Our focus is on the unemployed citizen’s individual needs and qualifications. Our goal is that the citizen comes closer to fulfilling his or her potential through an effort which includes a focus on both human and professional skills.

Mentoring newly arrived citizens

Newly arrived citizens can be well educated and resourceful, but may need more insight into the country in which they have arrived, for example the laws of the country and the culture of the country. Some may have held high positions in their native countries, others may wish to start their own business – Integrant can help in realising their unique potential.

Individual services

In addition to an introduction to everyday challenges and Danish society, Integrant offers help and coaching on an individual basis. We can offer help when one is searching for a job, including how to tailor a non-Danish education to Danish standards, where to find relevant companies, and how to write a job application.

Finding housing can be a challenge for the individual as well. Integrant gives guidance to the citizen on where to look for and how to look for housing and on which residential areas and housing types that fit the financial position of the individual. In addition, Integrant gives guidance on personal finances and bank matters.

The concept of Integrant is to make the individual citizen’s needs and everyday challenges our starting point, since they are vital for successful integration in Danish society. Since our starting point is the individual our counselling services for individuals are, in principle, limited only by the needs of the individual client.