On integration

Integrant’s mission is to pass on knowledge about the Danish society and social system and the cultural standards of society in Denmark. It is important to familiarize oneself with both aspects when starting a life in a new country.

When entering Denmark, one is expected to integrate into society. When integrating it is an advantage to have knowledge about the social system and its infrastructure, institutions, laws and procedures. This gives the knowledge needed to participate in society in the best possible way while avoiding conflict over laws of which one is not aware.

In every society, there are cultural standards and certain terms and concepts that are particularly important to be familiar with, because they lay down the framework for some of the most important parts of life. Integrant helps newcomers to familiarize themselves with these standards, terms and concepts that make it easier to navigate in Danish society.

How and when can Integrant help you?

  • If you lack inspiration to fulfill your potential
  • If you are looking for tools to move on in your work life, for instance by means of courses at language school, bank loans or searching for new opportunities on the labor market
  • If you need help with job searching, writing job applications, developing a CV or preparing for job interviews
  • If you need more contact with other people or communities for both native Danes and newcomers in Denmark
  • If you wish to find cultural activities that match your needs and interests
  • If you need knowledge of what constitutes Danish culture and cohesiveness
  • If you need information on clubs and sports activities
  • If you wish to find more knowledge of Danish society and culture in order to integrate better into the Danish society

Using questions:

  • What constitutes Danish culture?
  • Where can I learn to read and write Danish?
  • How do I find housing?
  • Where can I find information on public transportation?
  • How do I find a school for my children?
  • How can I perform volunteer work in a club or a society or participate in social work?
  • How can I receive supplementary training?
  • How do I apply for my dream education?
  • How can I get my qualifications transferred to apply in Denmark?
  • How can I get admittance to the education system?
  • Where and how do I look for a job?
  • How do I write a job application?
  • How do I find relevant employers in Denmark?
  • How do I write a CV for my job applications?
  • How can I become a member of a labor union and receive unemployment insurance?
  • What is a clean criminal record and how do I get a criminal record made out?
  • How do I receive information from the authorities?
  • What is NemID, E-boks, NemKonto ”EasyAccount” and Digital Post?
  • Where do I find information about taxation?