Project consulting

Integrant offers project consultant services to both public and private companies and for individual enterprises.

For individual enterprises

We offer advice and consultancy for start-up companies. We can offer help on the road from idea to reality regarding business concepts, how to start up a company and paperwork required in starting your own company.

Integration of new employees

Integrant’s integration consultants offer counselling on integration to companies, covering strategy and visions for integration of new employees, work environmental issues related to integration and management’s role in integration. Additionally, we focus on conflict management, recruitment and retainment.


Integrant offers services in the following project types:

  • Planning projects
  • Development projects
  • Negotiation projects
  • Planning assignments
  • Qualifications projects and cultural projects
  • Events
  • Educational planning focusing on effective co-operation between educational institutions and work experience

Development projects

  • Product development
  • Organization and employee development
  • Development of individual enterprises
  • Strategic advisory group
  • Scanning new markets
  • Work environment development
  • Negotiation projects
  • Committee work focusing on compromises between conflicting interests in workplaces